The European Parliament asks Spain explanations for the suppression of VPO aid to 300,000 families

  • In 2013, the Spanish government eliminated the extensions of the subsidies to the loans to buy VPO.
  • Some 300,000 families were forced to pay monthly extra costs of between 90 and 300 euros for their loan.
  • The European Parliament asks the Executive to justify the retroactive elimination of the subsidy extensions of the loans.

Viviendas de VPO

In 2013, the reform of the Law on measures to make the rental of housing market more flexible approved by the Government of Mariano Rajoy meant the elimination of the extensions of subsidies for loans to buy Official Protection Housing (VPO). Some 300,000 families were affected by the cut of the Executive; families that have been forced to pay monthly extra costs of between 90 and 300 euros for their loan.

The subsidization of loans to acquire VPO is an aid that the State granted to buyers with limited income to contribute to the payment of mortgage interest- Nicezoop. These subsidy subsidies involved a subsidy to a proportional part of the monthly mortgage payment of a public housing. The amount depends on the housing plan to which the beneficiary is hosted. They were a right that had been recognized by the housing plans of previous governments.

The government violated European legislation on the right to housing Until the Ombudsman’s office – in September 2013 – he asked the executive to change his position. At that time, the institution asked the Ministry of Development to pay the aid recognized by the CC AA. In fact, some of them continued to recognize the financial aid, but the beneficiaries could not collect it because they did not have the approval of Development.

In April of this year, a group of people affected traveled to Brussels to make their situation known to the Petitions Committee of the European Parliament. A representation of the National Coordinator of Affected VPO -occurs a group of affected people of the Valencian Community- denounced to the MEPs that the Government “has violated the basic European legislation on the right to housing, violating the principles of legal security, good faith and legitimate trust that protects an individual against unpredictable changes in the rules “.

Now, the European Parliament has requested by letter to the Spanish Executive more information to justify the retroactive elimination of the extensions of subsidization of VPO agreed loans since there is the possibility that it would infringe European regulations. According to the National Coordinator of Affected VPO, this request also includes the requirement of information on the evolution of the interest rates of the protected housing.

Injurious interest rates

Injurious interest rates

The Eurocámara has also addressed a letter to the Generalitat Valenciana to investigate the defaults in housing aid that, for more than 6 years, affected more than 60,000 families. On May 20, the Valencian Courts approved a similar resolution to proceed with the initiation of the investigation.

Even the Ombudsman asked the Executive to change its position With the information it receives, the European Commission will issue a new report. According to those affected, this document could require the Spanish Government to return the aid to the 300,000 families affected and a downward change in the interest rates that are being set for protected housing. The types applicable to the protected housing are set by the Ministry of Development from the IRPH indicator.

However, as denounced by the National Coordinator of Affected VPO, in its case the rates have followed trends above those of the free market, characterized by the decline of the Euribor. Affected families believe that this could contravene European legislation on housing, in particular, by the refusal of Brussels to take the IRPH as a reference for sheltered housing.

Greek authorities may need another ransom of 50 billion euros

Greek authorities may need another ransom of 50 billion euros

  • According to the sustainability report of its debt cited by the Financial Times .
  • The report of the Troika indicates that the financing needs of Greece during the second rescue, would amount to 170,000 million.
  • In principle 130,000 million euros were planned, plus 100,000 million from the cancellation of half of the debt.
  • Greece is optimistic about the withdrawal of its debt and the reception of the ‘second rescue’.
The Greek flag flies next to that of the European Union in front of the Parthenon temple of the Acropolis of Athens. Simela Pantzartzi / EFE

Greece may need additional aid of 50 billion euros between 2015 and 2020 , after the second bailout of the Hellenic country is over, according to the Greek debt sustainability report cited by the Financial Times.

Countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and Finland have reacted harshly after receiving the document

The 10-page report indicates that the rescue program has been derailed and suggests that Greece may need another rescue once the second one is finished in 2014, the newspaper said.


In addition, the troika document – the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank – states that Greece’s financing needs during the second bailout , which ends in 2014, would amount to 170 billion euros if no additional measures are taken to reduce your debt.

In principle 130,000 million euros were planned , plus 100,000 million from the forgiveness of half of the debt by private creditors, to reduce along with the adjustment program the Greek debt from 160% of GDP to 120% by 2020 , but the “troika” report points to 129% or worse if no measures are taken to correct the deviation.

Given that there are some 34,000 million euros of the first rescue , the help to reach 170,000 million would amount to 136,000 million euros.

Downward scenario

The report is also based on a downward scenario to suggest that Greek debt could fall more slowly than expected , to only 160% of GDP in 2020, well above the 120% set by international partners.

The troika warns that Greca may not be able to meet on time

In that case, Greece would need about 245,000 million euros in aid , explains the Financial Times , which stresses that the report reveals why countries such as Germany, Holland and Finland have reacted with such harshness after receiving the document last week and the grim outlook that draws this one

The troika warns that the Greek authorities may not be able to comply with structural reforms and adjustments at the expected pace under the base scenario.

The report points out that greater wage flexibility could meet the resistance of economic agents, the liberalization of markets for services and products could suffer from a strong opposition from parties with interests and reforms to improve the business climate could also be delayed by bureaucratic delays.

The document explains in detail the reason for the derailment of the Greek program.

The Financial Times explains that the recapitalization of the Greek bank , which would have cost 30,000 million euros, would now stand at 50,000 million with the calculations of the “troika”, and the privatization plan, which initially had to contribute 50,000 million euros, it will be delayed for five years and will only add 30,000 million at the end of the decade.

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Heidelberg – Many people put aside money for retirement. But that alone is usually not enough: successful retirement planning also includes the right investment strategy.

Retired people are mostly provided by the pension. They get according to a statistic of the German pension insurance federation according to on the average about 1,300 euro monthly. But many have also done something for old age. If the money is enough to live as long as possible, the capital should be well spent. The financial plan and the investment strategy have to be produced, for example for an amount of 60,000 euros.

How much courage can I afford in investing?

“The answers depend essentially on the investment strategy,” explains author Isabell Pohlmann. She has written a financial advisor for the second half of life for Stiftung Warentest. Pohlmann advises, as a decision-making aid, first to compare the usual expenses and revenues and to calculate with the net amounts: “Some people forget that, for example, social contributions are due on the statutory pension or company pensions”. In addition, more and more taxes are payable on income in old age.

In addition, a factor that should be kept in mind despite current concerns about deflation: the inflation rate. Already two percent inflation per year nibble strongly on pension and capital. A 65-year-old retiree would have to set about 30 percent inflation by 2030 – a pair of cheap socks could cost the then 80-year-old no longer 1 euro, but 1.30 euros.

Should I play it safe or play at risk?

In addition to Kassensturz and individual wishes, one’s own willingness to take risks is taken into account. Someone who gets along well with the pension and is more risk-averse, has other options than a retiree who has to play it safe and make a monthly contribution out of the 60,000 euros of capital. These senior citizens Pohlmann and the financial book author and lecturer Martin Kinkel recommend to think about a private pension insurance.

The capital flows wholly or partly into an insurance contract. In return, there is a lifelong immediate pension – for example, 250 euros a month. However, Kinkel draws attention to several snags: Security is paid at a lower rate of return compared with riskier assets such as equities. In addition, the capital is gone in one fell swoop. Neither a nest egg nor holiday money would be there. Unless the pension itself would be saved up again.

How do I make sure that the spouse benefits as well?

Important to note: The monthly supplementary pension ends with the death of the policyholder. The spouse will only continue to benefit if a minimum payment period has been set by contract from the outset and this is still in effect on the death of the policyholder. For this additional hedge the insurance company usually takes a premium in the form of a slightly lower monthly payment.

Higher risk, but the chance of higher returns: This formula can be an investment in shares or equity funds summarize, which can also consider retirees depending on their personal situation. Beyond the annual dividend payment, investors benefit from potential price increases. The disadvantage: The current entry prices are high, the risk of a crash as well. In addition, the dividend will only be paid once a year.

How do I go about investing in stocks?

Pohlmann recommends not to put everything on one card, but to combine riskier and safer investments. A middle ground is the combination of bond funds and equity funds.

“Depending on my willingness to take risks, I use the equity component higher or lower,” explains Pohlmann. For this variant, as well as for pure equity exposure, an investment horizon of 10 to 15 years should be envisaged – something could be left for the heirs. If you invest your money in exchange-traded funds (ETFs), you can use an Excel spreadsheet to build your own withdrawal plan and sell it as needed. Risk here, too: “If the price falls, the money can be over before the time,” says Kinkel.

Checking account or call money deposit?

Simply parking the € 60,000 in the current account is the most durable but least rewarding option. The reason is the extremely low interest rates.

If, instead, a return of two percent, for example, via a money market account, could be achieved, an additional benefit of 1200 euros per year would result. If capital remains untouched, it extends beyond the end of life. Stefan Albers, President of the Federal Association of Insurance Advisers, has another option with capital preservation in place: a bank disbursement plan. With offers with 1,5 per cent interest savers get in retirement age monthly 74,49 additionally.


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Kreditkarten wählen Visa MasterCard American Express Jetzt vergleichen

Das sagen unsere Kunden

Verivox Kundenbewertung 29.05.2018 um 17:35 Uhr Alles OK. Verivox Kundenbewertung 28.05.2018 um 12:16 Uhr kurz, schnell, schmerzlos Verivox Kundenbewertung 28.05.2018 um 11:02 Uhr Stromanbieterwechsel sehr einfach, übersichtliche Darstellung beim Anbietervergleich, negativ: Verivox erhält keine Nachricht wenn der Anbieter warum auch immer ablehnt! Deshalb keine Rückkopplung zum Kunden möglich. Verivox Kundenbewertung 28.05.2018 um 09:35 Uhr Ich schätze die Verivox-Bewertungen als sehr neutral und ehrlich Verivox Kundenbewertung 27.05.2018 um 09:54 Uhr Es werden passende Angebote angezeigt. Jedoch unterscheiden diese sich meist nur in der Höhe der Prämien. Verbrauchsdaten sind zwar unterschiedlich, der Gesamtverbrauchspreis aber nicht.

Kostenlose Kreditkarte: Wo fallen Gebühren an?

Als kostenlose oder gebührenfreie Kreditkarte wird in der Regel eine Karte bezeichnet, auf die keine Jahresgebühr erhoben wird. Dafür können aber verschiedene andere Gebühren Kosten verursachen, wie zum Beispiel die Gebühren für die Nutzung im Ausland oder in Form von Sollzinsen bei überfälligen Zahlungen. Es gibt eine Vielzahl von Gebührenmodellen für Kreditkarten und darüber den Überblick zu behalten ist nicht leicht. Deswegen ist es sinnvoll, sich vor dem Beantragen der Kreditkarte genau zu informieren und mögliche verdeckte Kosten zu umgehen.

Wer sich die Jahresgebühr bei Kreditkarten sparen will, der greift auf kostenlose Kreditkarten zurück. Bei vielen Anbietern sind Kreditkarten kostenlos in Verbindung mit dem Girokonto erhältlich. Eine kostenlose Prepaid-Kreditkarte ist ebenfalls schnell und einfach beantragt – auch ohne Girokonto. Allerdings gilt das Wegfallen der Jahresgebühren in manchen Fällen nur für die ersten paar Jahre und die später anfallenden Jahresgebühren sind schließlich doch höher als bei Konkurrenten, die von Anfang an Gebühren erheben.

Dass keine Jahresgebühr erhoben wird, bedeutet des Weiteren nicht, dass die Kreditkarte komplett gratis ist. Gänzlich gebührenfrei ist keine Kreditkarte. Entweder fällt eine Fremdwährungsgebühr an, wenn weltweit Bargeld in einer anderen Währung als Euro abgehoben wird, oder die optionale Ratenzahlung offener Beträge wird mit hohen Zinsen belastet. Im Gegenzug bieten diese Karten aber oft andere Vorteile. Darunter können verschiedene Extras oder eine Versicherung fallen. Zum Beispiel ist eine Auslandskrankenversicherung häufig Bestandteil der Konditionen oder die Kreditkarte bietet Extras wie bessere Bedingungen beim Mietwagenverleih. Daher sollten Sie sich vor der Suche klar machen, welche Ausprägungen der Kreditkarte Ihren individuellen Wünschen entsprechen, und diesen bei der Suche besondere Beachtung schenken.

Gebührenfreie Kreditkarten von MasterCard oder Visa

Am häufigsten werden die gebührenfreie MasterCard und Visa-Karte angeboten. Dies geschieht oft in Verbindung mit einem kostenlosen Girokonto. American Express und Diners Club dagegen bieten ihre Kreditkarten zumeist nicht gebührenfrei an. Zwar wird bei diesen Herausgebern ein bestimmtes monatliches Mindesteinkommen nicht mehr vorausgesetzt, doch es wird meistens eine hohe Jahresgebühr erhoben. Um eine Visa oder eine MasterCard kostenlos zu bekommen, kann der Kreditkarten-Vergleich von genutzt werden. Hier sehen Sie auf den ersten Blick, welche Banken die MasterCard oder Visa-Karten gebührenfrei anbieten.

Kreditkarte kostenlos: Verschiedene Arten von Kreditkarten

Je nachdem, wie die Karte genutzt werden soll, kommen verschiedene Kartentypen in Frage. Die Chargekarte, aber auch die Prepaid-Kreditkarte können kostenlos geführt werden. Der Unterschied liegt in der Abrechnung. Während die Chargekarte einen Kreditrahmen gewährt und einmal monatlich vom Girokonto abgerechnet wird, kann man bei der Prepaid-Karte nur über das eigene zuvor aufgeladene Guthaben verfügen. Sie ist inzwischen auch als hochgeprägte Karte erhältlich und bietet volle Kostenkontrolle sowie Schutz vor der Kreditkarten-Schuldenfalle. Daher wird die Prepaid-Kreditkarte besonders gerne zum Onlineshoppen verwendet.

Wer über ausreichende Bonität verfügt, kann problemlos eine gebührenfreie Kreditkarte beantragen. Doch auch Schufa-Einträge sind kein Hindernis – ist die Bonität angekratzt, kann auf die Prepaid-Kreditkarte zurückgegriffen werden. Hier entstehen keine Sollzinsen durch Zahlungsverzug, allerdings muss bei Einsatz im Ausland weiterhin die Fremdwährungsgebühr beachtet werden.

Man sollte immer bedenken, dass jede kostenfreie Kreditkarte versteckte Gebühren enthalten kann – daher empfiehlt sich eine genaue Durchsicht der Konditionen, bevor der Antrag gestellt wird. Im Kreditkarten-Vergleich bei finden Sie eine Vielzahl an gebührenfreien Karten. Hier sehen Sie direkt, wo Sie die meisten Euro sparen können. Welche kostenlose Kreditkarte für wen am ehesten geeignet ist, muss allerdings jeder für sich selbst entscheiden.


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German Property – Top Investment Location

A number of assets can help you get comfortable details to get fast approval upon fast payday loans. Just make an online search about these types of payday options and you will find tons of websites that offer a number of loan services to help you in the best in the times when you require immediate financial help. In addition, the application process of these financial loans is very simple. The only requirement would be to fill up an online form as well as your application will instantly end up being submitted to the chosen loan provider or financial institution. When the app gets approved, the earnings will be directly deposited into the active bank account within virtually no time.

Forex trading makes up significant cash flow. Some investors have thought it was rather simple to earn a sizable sum cash because foreign currency exchange market changes seven days a week. Forex means market. Anywhere a person finds the references for the forex market as FX too. Foreign exchange is almost about putting your own cash into different currencies, so you’re able to generate the interest for your night, for a desired period or build in right now but they all-round. Foreign exchange trade involves extra assets inside addition to your money, just because you\’re inside other countries and some other businesses which managing consist of currencies. The primary formula for that money you cash in on or lose will be based on the selling of money, that\’s it!

I certainly understand doctors who feel overwhelmed using the thought of learning all you have to manage their own wealth. After all, I used to be in sales; learning concerning how to invest and manage my wealth seemed very challenging me initially. But the fact maybe I could do it, and I’ve no doubt that anyone that can handle medical school is consolidate parent plus loans with direct loans in order to find investment management industry an easy.

Your spouse should be treated as an equal. Just because one individual is more vocal inside your wealth management financial advisors discussions does not mean 1 is more important than the other; the savings are part of both socials.

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, rich or of modest means, conservative or aggressive the investor. You need an investment portfolio which has a regarding investment types. Unless you really know the way to invest that can also manage very stocks, bonds, and money market should invest in mutual cash in hand.

How much are professional investment management services fees? Even if you are one particular who decides what investments to choose, the provider will certainly the in order to manage it for you so have got to keep this cost at as good.

Individual companies are weaker to regulations, taxes, changes in consumer desires, labor issues and other reasons (including accounting irregularities and fraud for example ENRON!). That risk can be mitigated by investing in mutual funds and ETF’s (diversified away). Individual stocks fluctuate along with entire market AND with changes (both positive and negative) back to the specific needs.

In overseas indexes, Britain’s FTSE 100 dropped cash advance from american express 3.7 percent, Germany’s DAX inched up lower 0.1 percent, France’s CAC-40 fell below 0.1 percent, and Japan’s Nikkei stock average gained 0.3 fractions.

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Bills Got You Straight Down? – Get A Payday Loan On-Line

It can hard enough to live in the current financial times without having to make it worse only by filling out a bunch of paper function. We can give you the cash advance you will need now, to get you through your money emergency or until the next paycheck. Our no fax payday loans online when you need cash in montana, Gadcapital will help you! offer low-interest mortgage rates for your convenience.

The first few months after the mortgage payment raise, they were able to make the obligations by taking a cash advance on the credit cards. Soon their credit cards were at their limitations. They had to make the next home payment around the 15th from the month when they got compensated again. They didn’t understand what they would do the next month.

Controlling monthly income so that a few amount of salary is preserved at the end of the month is becoming difficult due to increasing pumping. Prices of each and every commodity are usually increasing and so are your costs. Due to this, you must have faced economic crisis also. You cannot always request money from your friends plus relatives. In situations, if you are in very urgent require of money and your salary provides exhausted in the mid from the month, you can apply for payday advance loan scheme. With the help of this particular scheme you can meet your own demands like buying off the grocery store, you can pay your house rental prices, various bills and you can actually pay your child’s school charges.

A guaranteed payday loan Online can help when your closest friend invites you to his birthday celebration and you want to get him a unique gift. You might want to pull out all of the stops for a particular time. Do you need a particular outfit to decorate to a relative’s wedding? No matter the occasion, time spent together with your friends and family should be thought of as remembrances in the making.

Tax liens will remain on your own credit indefinitely if they are still left unpaid. Once you do spend the lien debt, that will date will be recorded as well as the 7 years will begin following that. If the lien was positioned by the IRS, you can get this lifted from your credit if you undertake two things: pay your debt and make a request straight to the IRS to have this removed.

Learn and understand your legal rights. The laws differ within states when it comes to payday loans for the state of Minnesota In much-delayed payment, some enthusiasts may present a harmful idea to sue a person when, in fact, the state does not allow such acts lawfully. Be familiar with your rights just because they will help you negotiate things along with your loan debt collectors and safeguard yourself from being used.

Before rushing in order to get a quick loan or debt consolidation reduction, look over income and expenditures and see where you could possibly place more money towards your debt. All of us waste money, and a lot of us get it done simply because we aren’t viewing what we’re doing. Therefore take a closer look at your finances and see if there are things could be doing better.

With payday loans for the state Maine loans, you can get approved for approximately one hour with easy online entry and forms. After you provide the payday loan company your information for example job history, checking details and your contact information you might be approved very quickly in most cases. That is why it is important to take just a little time for you to look into what the APR, costs, and terms will be having a payday loan company.

The fantastic feature often bucks payday loan is that bad credit card companies can apply for this mortgage with ease. Being short-term in addition to a small cash loan, you can pay off the loan within short agreed period of time. In terms of application, you could apply for this loan with the simple online process. This specific takes only a few minutes to acquire applied and gain the particular sanctioned fund into your bank account.